How it Works

How it works National Casinos give each of your party guests 'fun money' (fun casino banknotes) before the fun casino opens. - This can be distributed by you or our staff - the choice is yours.

Once the casino is open, your party guests simply bring their 'fun money' to the tables and exchange them for chips. They then play at the tables in the same way as they would at a London casino.

In case you're worried that your guests may not know all the rules, our professionally trained casino staff are happy to explain them to those who aren't sure how to play. When the fun casino is over, whichever party guest has the highest winnings is declared the victor. Typically, a small prize is given such as bottle of champagne or something similar.

It's really that simple - Hiring a fun casino at your party or corporate entertainment event is an original, innovative and cost effective way of ensuring that your party guests will still be talking about your event for months to come.

For more information about our casino hire service, call us on: 01322 476130 or email us.