Fun casino equipment for sale inc. lightweight 80cm roulette wheel

roulette table wheel 4

Here for sale, we have a complete setup that will enable you to start your own fun casino business or allow you to add some high-quality, lightweight stock to your existing business. The items below have been manufactured to a high standard by Black Dog Leisure (aka Black Dog Games), who make professional casino equipment specifically for the fun casino industry. For those of you that are already familiar with Black Dog's equipment, you'll already know that it's easily transportable, very light, precision-made (so it fits together easily), high quality and very durable.

As an added bonus, if you were to damage any of the equipment, Black Dog (who are UK based) are always happy to repair it for you at a reasonable price.

Fun casino hire for a wedding at Quex Park

Roulette and poker tables at Quex Park

Here are a couple of our tables set up prior to guests arriving at Quex Park in Birchington, Kent. Apologies for the poor quality, slightly blurred picture. On this occasion, it was a roulette and three card poker table for a wedding taking place at the venue. The clients decided they wanted the tables set up in the Powell Cotton Museum in order to draw their guests towards some of the wonderful exhibits the museum has to offer so it was an interesting mix of party fun, mingled with a dash of education at the same time.

Tables at the iconic Leeds Castle in Kent

Leeds Castle in Kent

As we're based on the borders of Kent and London, Leeds Castle is only a short trip for us down the M20 motorway. It really is a stunning venue set in sprawling grounds and there's plenty to see and do when you get there.

It's a favourite venue for Kent weddings as the ancient castle makes the perfect backdrop for romantic, wedding day photoshoots. Steeped in history, the main castle is accessible through a low archway leading across the moat to the main door. Once inside, there are many plaques and boards on the walls detailing the history of the castle and its past inhabitants, together with a plethora of paintings draped along pretty much every wall.

The pros and cons of using a John Huxley Wheel for Fun Casinos

one of our john huxley wheels

Update:: The wheel above is no longer for sale. If you're looking for a better, lightweight alternative, please see our recent post where you'll find a listing for fun casino roulette wheel and equipment for sale.

There's no doubt about it, one of the world leaders in stunning, precision roulette wheel manufacturing is John Huxley. You can find their wheels in plush casinos all around the world from Vegas to Monte Carlo and they have built up a reputation for a broad range of high-quality casino products including tables and other accessories.

If you hire a fun casino for your event, you'll sometimes see them on a roulette table right in front of you. Whilst you can buy lightweight roulette wheels that are specifically made for the fun casino industry, they're fairly expensive to buy brand new. It's mainly the price tag that sees many fun casino operators scouring eBay looking for a cheaper alternative.

John Huxley roulette wheels will set you back a pretty penny if you buy one new but you can actually pick up a used one for a fairly modest price on eBay; typically a few hundred pounds for one that's got a few dings in it.

Central London's Lavish Park Lane Hotels

dorchester hotel london

We always think of Central London as one of those Marmite types of experiences - You either love it or you hate it. For tourists visiting the UK, London is certainly one of those must-see places to visit. There are of course so many iconic landmarks to see and a range of amazing and unique places to visit. If you've never taken a stroll down Park Lane, it's definitely worth the effort. If you do, you can also say you've ticked off the most expensive square on a Monopoly board as well. We found this (slightly blurred) pic before the event started which we think was at The Dorchester Hotel. It was a fun night... except for carrying the tables up the stairs and along the corridors but this is often par for the course at most large hotels.

Event at The Elwick Club

elwick club ashford

We've worked at The Elwick Club in Ashford, Kent on a few occasions and it's a great, friendly venue to visit, with delightful attentive staff and a great atmosphere. It's a private members club that also boasts having a squash court and snooker tables and the venue also cater for all types of parties, weddings and corporate functions. If you've booked the venue for an event, you'll be amazed at the delicious food on offer too!