Central London's Lavish Park Lane Hotels

dorchester hotel london

We always think of Central London as one of those Marmite types of experiences - You either love it or you hate it. For tourists visiting the UK, London is certainly one of those must-see places to visit. There are of course so many iconic landmarks to see and a range of amazing and unique places to visit. If you've never taken a stroll down Park Lane, it's definitely worth the effort. If you do, you can also say you've ticked off the most expensive square on a Monopoly board as well. We found this (slightly blurred) pic before the event started which we think was at The Dorchester Hotel. It was a fun night... except for carrying the tables up the stairs and along the corridors but this is often par for the course at most large hotels.


Whilst we love London, we're not so keen on the traffic. As you can imagine, Park Lane is always pretty busy at any time of the day or night and parking is one of the problems you'll have to contend with if you drive there. We've worked at most of the big names in Park Lane and setting up our equipment at the different hotels can be a mixed bag. Some have loading bays that are easy to access for loading and unloading whilst others can be less 'White Van' friendly. There's also the problem of parking when we've set up all of our equipment as some hotels won't let your vehicle sit in the loading bay for the evening. 

As our vehicle won't fit in an underground car park, we normally have to scour the streets looking for somewhere nearby that isn't 'Resident Permit Only' and also big enough to fit a long wheelbase van into. Couple that with bus lanes and Red Routes and it's not an easy task!