Fun casino hire for a wedding at Quex Park

Roulette and poker tables at Quex Park

Here are a couple of our tables set up prior to guests arriving at Quex Park in Birchington, Kent. Apologies for the poor quality, slightly blurred picture. On this occasion, it was a roulette and three card poker table for a wedding taking place at the venue. The clients decided they wanted the tables set up in the Powell Cotton Museum in order to draw their guests towards some of the wonderful exhibits the museum has to offer so it was an interesting mix of party fun, mingled with a dash of education at the same time.

Most of our two table bookings tend to be a combination of roulette and blackjack but as there were quite a few poker enthusiasts attending the wedding, the clients opted for a poker table instead of blackjack. If you're a poker fan but don't like the idea of your wedding or party guests all sitting huddled around a Texas Hold'em table all night, then either three card or five card (Caribbean stud) are a better alternative. Unlike Texas Hold'em, each hand is played against the house rather than the players competing against each other. The main advantage is that each hand lasts only a minute or two, so your guests can come and go as they please.

The fact that they're not tied to the game for hours on end makes either three or five card poker a much better choice for a party or wedding reception. We'd still suggest blackjack, but if you're adamant that poker is what you want at your party or wedding, then either of these fast-moving variations of the game is a suitable choice. 

Three card poker in the Quex Park Powell Cotton Museum

About Quex

If you've never visited Quex Park before and you live in Kent, you really should take the time to take a trip there at least once. If you've never heard of Birchington, it's situated to the northeast of Canterbury and is just outside Margate.

There's an amazing choice of things to do, and, whilst I'm not a fan of stuffed animals, the museum has an incredible example of an African Bull elephant on display. It is sad to see this majestic creature on display and I don't know the circumstances around how it came to be an exhibit, but standing next to this huge example is quite awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the museum to post so you'll have to pop along to Quex to see for yourself. 

If a visit to the museum isn't your cup of tea, there's also the stunning house and gardens to explore. There's been a house on the site since the early 1400s so the place really is steeped in history. Amongst other things, there's also an activity centre where you can play paintball or laser tag, a farm shop and restaurant that serves local Kentish produce, an indoor and outdoor play area for the kids, an adventure golf area, a 2 acre Victorian walled Secret Garden Centre, and a fascinating Craft Village.

Weddings at Quex

If you live in North East Kent and are pondering over where you're going to get married, it's worth visiting their dedicated weddings and events website to see their special offers. Depending on your budget, you can either hire part of Quex or more (including the museum) if you have deeper pockets. They only have one wedding per day and the grounds (including the main house) offer a stunning backdrop for those all important wedding photographs.

And don't forget, if a fun casino is going to be part of your evening entertainment at Quex Park, get in touch with us for a quote!