Tables at the iconic Leeds Castle in Kent

Leeds Castle in Kent

As we're based on the borders of Kent and London, Leeds Castle is only a short trip for us down the M20 motorway. It really is a stunning venue set in sprawling grounds and there's plenty to see and do when you get there.

It's a favourite venue for Kent weddings as the ancient castle makes the perfect backdrop for romantic, wedding day photoshoots. Steeped in history, the main castle is accessible through a low archway leading across the moat to the main door. Once inside, there are many plaques and boards on the walls detailing the history of the castle and its past inhabitants, together with a plethora of paintings draped along pretty much every wall.

It's a lovely venue, not just for weddings, but for business conference and all types of parties as well. If you want to impress your guests, this is certainly the venue that ticks all the right boxes.

The photos on this page are of the inside of the castle on a recent fun casino event we attended. If you love reading up on your local history, there's plenty to learn at Leeds Castle.

The event that these casino tables were set up for was a birthday party and friends of the organiser had come from all over the country, with some even flying in from continental Europe and New Zealand.

As is often the case with these events where the kids are allowed to join in, the prize for the casino was one by an eight-year-old girl. I'm not sure how the kids often seem to win the prize at fun casino nights, but I can only guess that it's because they generally tend to be bolder with their bets. We're not certain what the winner did with the bottle of Champagne, but we think the parents took charge of it for safe keeping:)

A blackjack table at a party - Leeds Castle Kent